Monday, 19 January 2015

Hazelnut-Butter Fudge

There was an enough intro / description given about Fudge, on my first Fudge posting. which was made with 100% Dark chocolate, for Dark Chocolate lovers like me. Later, with dark & white chocolate (50-50) combination to please, chocolate devotees.

This time with Dark chocolate and hazelnut butter combination, targeting Children and Teens. Also, want to make the fresh hazelnut butter for a rich aroma and taste.

Hazelnuts are rich in protein, ‘B’ vitamins and unsaturated fat. Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants.

Ingredients for Fudge  : 1 cup of hazelnut butter  ;     4 tbsp of coconut oil    ;    1 ½ tbsp. of honey      ;     100 gms of dark chocolate (<60 %coco)

Ingredients for Hazelnut butter: 1 ½ cup of Hazelnut.

Procedure for H’Butter : Take 1 ½ cup of hazelnut and roast them in the pre heated oven at 200ºC for about 10 – 15 minutes (depends on the moisture level of the nut). Allow it to cool and remove the skin. The aroma of the roasting the Hazelnut is awesome.

Transfer the nuts into blender / food processor and run about 20 min or till the oil oozes out and turns the hazelnuts into a smooth, creamy butter. You many need to stop the blender time to time to scrape the sides of the blender.  (The butter may turn into firm consistency; it keeps in rest for long)

I am sure you will be mesmerized with the Aroma of the Hazelnut. With the same feel, using the double boiler, melt the dark chocolate and bring it to room temperature.

Procedure for H’Butter Fudge : In bowl mix hazelnut butter, coconut oil, honey until fully cooperated then add melted chocolate and mix well. Pour the mixture in a grease pan or on the bubble sheet and transfer in to fridge for about 45 minutes.

Slice them in a desired shape. Try the fudge with hot coffee or milk. Immm…..its Divine.


  1. It looks so yummy. Very tempting :)

  2. Awesome and a delicious fudge..Love the hazelnuts butter combo u have made.

  3. Wow !! how u got the holes in the fudge?Can u post the picture of the mould u used?

    1. Its not a mould. The Mixture poured over Air Bubble sheet (used to wrap around the fragile items during packing) please refer :

  4. Gorgeous looking fudge...thanks for sharing...:)

  5. Have been salivating reading the post. I have been saying again and again that I need to find an apparatus which I can use to fork out these square shaped ultimate delights and eat them right now.

  6. Delicious.. just Yumm!!.. loved the bubble wrap idea:)

  7. superb recipe !! healthy and delicious too !!!

  8. Wow, delicious fudge... that bubble wrap has given a super touch to the fudge, beautifully clicked!