Monday, 13 October 2014

Marble Fudge

I had been forefending myself from the black devil (Dark Chocolate) but, not any more….Yes, I want to treat myself with Fudge. But, my son won’t like the mild bitterness of Dark Chocolate.

So, in order to dilute the bitterness, I go with white chocolate. A fudge become a Marble Fudge; A Win-Win deal.

 Those who want to try the dark chocolate version Fudge, please check this.

We need to prepare the dark chocolate and White chocolate mixture separately and pour White on Black for Marble effect.

The Ingredients’ are : 350 gms  of Condense milk     ;       400 gms of Dark chocolate (60% coco)   ;    1tbsp  of Butter.         Similarly,       50 gms of Condense milk    ;      100     gms of White chocolate    ;     1/2 tbsp of butter

Add the chopped dark chocolate, condensed milk and butter in a (heavy base) pan on a low heat and stir to melt. Pour it in greased tray.

Similarly, prepare the white chocolate and pour it on the top of dark chocolate and swirl it with knife.

Keep it in the fridge for 1 hour and slice and server chill.

With a bite of Fudge, sip a black coffee……..imm…… it’s divine.


  1. Looks indeed........ Love the texture!

  2. Wow Madhavi! fudge looks very tempting!

  3. Will bookmark this recipe for my kids.Thanks for sharing