Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Energy Bars

Energy bars are meant to delivery energy to the body quickly. Therefore, athletes prefer to consume before their workout.  Also, energy bars are good snack during the competitions.

Usually, the swimming competitions are 2 -3 days long and the swimmers needs to swim couple of times in a day. Hence, Energy bars are the best alternative for a meal.  My son was taking part in Speedo invitational swim meet at Dubai. So, I prepared these Bars for him.

 Energy bars are not only meant for Athletes, this is good for those who need quick energy but do not have time for proper meal. These bars can be consumed even during a busy office schedule without wasting time.

Our body converts fat, protein and Carb’s into energy. In energy bars, cereals, seeds and nuts are the main ingredients. (Good source of complex carbohydrates, Essential fatty acids and Antioxidant property)

Most of the kids, don’t like to eat dry fruits, seeds and nuts in a raw form. But, they like to eat the energy bar ! where the all the nuts are blend together.

The Ingredients are,  ½ cup of Oats    ;     ½ cup of Sunflower seeds     ;       ½ cup of Wheat bran    ;   ½ cup of chopped Walnuts     ;        ¼ cup of Whole wheat flour    ;     ½ cup of chopped Apricots        ;  ½ cup of chopped Almonds     ;      ½ cup of Gooseberry (dried)     ;     ½ cup of chopped Dates      ;      ½ cup of Milk powder      ;      1/3  cup of Honey     ;     2 no’s of Egg whites. (for Egg substitutes, check my Tips & Tricks page)

Procedure : In a bowl mix all ingredient expect egg white and honey. Now, add honey, egg whites and mix well till combined / fully coated.

Transfer the mixture into a pre greased square pan and spread evenly and press the mixture firmly. Transfer the pan into 150°c preheated oven and bake for 20 - 25 min. Allow it to cool and cut into bar shape. Store it in an air tight container.


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