Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween mini Pizza

My friend’s daughter, (yes, you guessed right. The same girl who surprised her mother with Peanut & Garlic Roast)called me and asked to help her with Halloween party menu, which she is planning to host tonight at her home.

 This year Halloween falls on Friday (weekend). So, she is very thrilled and wants to scare his friends not thru costumes or face paint, but thru the Food.

In deed it’s a challenge to me because, I do not have any idea. What to bake and how to make the food into scary? While, I discussing with my son, he suggested to make a mini pizza and try something on the topping to scare the girls.

The following shapes were considered. Bat, Scorpio, Skeleton and Spider. I decided go with Spider because. It’s easy to do with Black Olives.
Few trial and errors of carving the olives into spider shape, I could satisfy my son on the spider shape. (If I could satisfy him, I am sure, I can satisfy everyone else in this world !!) 
But, he need bit more scary impact………Now, my husband came to bail out, suggesting the witch Cut finger cookies.

That’s it. We all agreed.

Make the Pizza base. Refer my earlier posts Whole Meal Pizza or Whole Wheat Pizza

In toppings, I want to go only with Onion and Sausage covered them with cheese, in order to give a good impact of Spider. Once, the cheese spread, slightly press to make a flat bed and position the Cut olives in a spider shape and transfer to oven to bake.

  For the witch Fingers, prepare the cookie dough (refer my earlier post Button Cookie , Owl Cookies  , Almond Rolled Sugar Cookies  , Coconut shortbread cookies ) and Shape into like finger and place a Almond as a nail. Bake along with Pizza.

I just clicked “Scary Stuff” that I baked and sent her pictures thru WhatsApp.

This is how she replied me back…..