Friday, 29 August 2014

Peanut & Garlic Roast

My friend Daughter, who is just 13 year old (Also regular reader of my blog) called me and asked a very simple and quick snack (along with  evening Chai (Tea)) to surprise her mother !. (My friend, her mother was sleeping!!)

I felt very happy and sad at the same time. Happiness because, someone (age is not a matter) has a trust on my Passion.  Felt sad, I don’t have a Daughter ! ( I need to bake my own B’day Cake !!)

Story apart, I asked her, “do you have a Peanuts ?”    “yes” She Replied.   Do you have  Garlic Cloves ?   “Yes”   She Replied  “Do you have chilli flakes and Curry leaves ?”    “Umm…. Ya !”

I started narrating the procedure over the phone.  “Switch on the Oven set the temp at 150 ° c”  
“yes, aunty done” she replied.

“Good, Take a baking tray add two cups of Peanuts, grate 6 -7 cloves of the Garlic on it, and 1 tsp of Olive oil and sprinkle ½ tsp of  chilli flakes and mix well with your hand”

“Yes Aunty done” she replied.

“put the tray in the Oven for about 20 min and do not forget to wear the cotton glove, while removing  the tray from oven”

“Ha, Okay Thanks” She replied.

“Once removed, allow it to cool and then serve / surprise her”

“Okay aunty Thank you” – Phone disconnected. I think she is in action.

Ha, I forgot to mention, while narrating the recipe, I was also parallelly acting on. 

Later, She sent me the final output clicks in whatsapps………Also, her mother’s Big Smile ! I am jealous.....


  1. Hi Madhavi,
    So nice of you helping her out, peanut looks nice.

  2. Nice simple way of flavoring peanuts for a savory garlicky version. Its much loved to be snacked over.

  3. Love those crunchy garlicky peanuts. so flavourful peanuts. Love to munch some.

  4. Peanut & garlic delicious comobo...............yummy snack.

  5. Garlic roasted peanuts look very tempting, luv the click with the tea pot!