Thursday, 4 September 2014


It’s not just one more Truffle……..unlike, the last truffle recipe the filling also homemade and I go with 70% coco and it’s pretty easy to make.

Since, we talked more about truffles and variations of chocolates in the previous post  let’s directly get in to action.

To do this magic, all I need is   ¼ cup of Homemade custard     ;     ½ cup of Semisweet chocolate     ;       150 gms of  Tempered chocolate  (70% coco or above)

First let’s do the filling part, Make the custard in a thick consistency and remove it from heat and add the semisweet chocolate and mix gently till it melt and blend well. Allow it to cool.

Temper the dark chocolate (either by micro wave or using double boiler) and pour about 1 tsp in a silicon mold and spread it on the walls by (food grade) brush. Make sure no dead spots. Otherwise the filling may flow like lava at room temperature.

Once done, keep the mould in the fridge for about 1800 seconds….. …irrr 30 min. (this is the effect of teaching Distance vs Speed problems to my son). 

Remove the mould from the fridge and pour the custard mixture into the molds, almost till its edges. And keep the mould again in the fridge for 2 hours.

By then, it would have settled well cove the top with tempered chocolate and again in the fridge for about 30 min.

Now, take truffle in you moth the dark chocolate crust will melt in your mouth and release the lava…..with a sip of black coffee without sugar….imm….its divine.


  1. Looks fabulous lava cake........ Perfect!

  2. delicious melt inmouth lava truffles!!!

  3. Oh wow! that oozing center is awesomely exciting and good.

  4. Yummy. Love those lip smacking lava truffles and your writing too.

  5. Home made best choco truffles. Made to perfection. When we meet please bring a parcel of this. I am not joking...okay.