Monday, 7 April 2014

Nutella Truffles with Hazelnuts

I can’t resist myself anymore, it time to melt the chocolate. I don’t know, why I addicted so much to this dark Devil (chocolates)

I wanted to make Truffles for this weekend to treat one of my friends, who is currently on visit.

Truffles crust is made with tempered chocolate (but, it will melt on the mouth) just below the crust creamy chocolate with roasted whole hazelnuts.

Sounds good right ?   Believe me its mesmerizing, when the Truffle melts in the mouth.

It’s not complicated recipe to make. Wiki says, Truffles born in France.

To do this magic, we need Just three ingredients,        ½ cup Nutella Chocolate spread     ;     15 No’s  of whole hazelnuts    ;   100 gms  of  tempered chocolate (60% and above COCO)

Before going in to the kitchen, let me share few things about chocolate.
Chocolate are made in two different ways, expensive and inexpensive. What is the difference ?:

If Large percent (60 and above) of coco solids, and 100% coco butter are used to make a chocolate then it’s called Real Chocolate. Both coco solids and Coco butter are made from crushed cocoa bean. These Chocolates can offer extraordinary rich, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth (at body temp) it often known as dark chocolate.  

Less percent (below 60)  of coco solids, vegetable fats / Oils, and sweeteners (in place of coco butter) also used to make Chocolates. But, these are not real. Having waxy texture and over sweet, also doesn’t melt in the mouth. It often known as Compound chocolate  

Next time when you buy, just pay attention on the Chocolate cover. Now, you know why I’m mad at dark Chocolate. I prefer to use always <70% and above.

Okay, Now the Truffle making process………. Roast the whole hazelnuts in the oven about 6 – 7 minutes at 120ºC. Once cooled, remove the thin skin by rubbing the nuts and set aside.

On the silicon Chocolate mold, scope the Nutella Chocolate cream and squeeze a hazelnut in. Level the mold top with knife.

Keep the silicon chocolate mold in the freezer for overnight.

Next day morning, it will be hard enough to remove from the mold. Meanwhile, let’s temper the chocolate in the microwave. To do so, Chop the chocolates and keep it in the microwave safe bowl at high power for about 30 seconds. Most of the chunks would melt few remaining will be melted by stirring. But do not over heat. If you are not sure with microwave, use the Double Boiler.

Now, Remove the Chocolate from the silicon mold and Dip it into the tempered chocolate. Then, using the fork to scoop it out (from the tempered Chocolate) and tap it on the side of the bowl to get off any excess chocolate.

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