Bake @ Pressure Cooker

Since, Ovens are not very common in Indian kitchen, Very often; people ask how to bake a cake without Oven. 

Pressure cooker may be an option (NOT an alternative to Oven) and let see how to bake in Pressure cooker. (Use only Aluminum Cooker. Do not use Stainless Steel Pressure cooker)

Remove the gasket (the black rubber ring) from the lid of the pressure cooker. Also, there is no need of safety valve (often called “wait’’ or whistle)

Spread the white sand for about 1’’ at the bottom of the cooker and placed the circular metal sheet / ring on top of the sand. (Generally, pressure cooker is sold/supplied with circular metal sheet/ring to ensure to distribute the heat evenly and to avoid direct heat transfer to rice pan)

Keep the cooker with lid on to the high flame for about 3- 4 min (pre heat) and transfer the cake pan and reduce the flame to “mid” and bake. Time to time check the product.

Please bear in mind; this is a work around solution only. This can’t replace the oven. 

Optimal result is subject to the size of Cooker, Cake pan, batter quantity, Burner size, etc.

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