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Subject: Rusk recipe

Good Day !
Dear Mrs. Madhavi,
I have been following your blog for the past one year and I am impressed with the recipes….specially the bread varieties.
At the age of 60, I learned to bake!  Credits to your blog.  I love the crispy rusk with tea but, couldn’t find a recipe in the blog.  So, can you please let me know the simple bakery style rusk recipe please……..
God bless you and looking forward the rusk recipe soon.
With love,
Bharathi Chandran.

Dear Mrs. Bharathi. C,

Thank you for your kind words. “Age is not at all a factor to learn” - You are the perfect example! By the way, I am also big fan of Rusk-Tea combo.

Yes, still there is no Rusk recipe at MCK.  Since, you bake bread; Rusk is not at a big deal. Rusk is nothing but, baking the bread again. So, if you can bake any bread, it becomes Rusk.
However, here the bakery style rusk recipe exclusively for you :-)

Ingredient  :  3/4 cup of warm water           ;           1/4 tbsp of instant yeast ;         1/4 tbsp of sugar         ;          1 ½ cup of  all-purpose flour       ;      1/2 tsp of salt ;     2 tbsp of soft butter     ;  ½ tbsp. of cumin seed

Dissolve the sugar in a lukewarm water and sprinkle yeast over it and mix well. Add salt, butter then add flour and knead to soft dough. Cover the dough with damp cloth and leave it for an hour to rise.

After an hour, punch the dough, sprinkle the cumin seed and knead for about 5 minutes. Shape the dough so that it fits well in the greased baking loaf tin. Cover the loaf with damp cloth and leave it for second rise for about 45 minutes.

Transfer the loaf into 180°C pre-heated oven and bake for about for 30-40 minutes. (do not forget to brush the loaf with milk before, transferring into oven)

Remove the bread from the loaf and allow to cool. Slice into 1/4 inch thick and place the slices on the baking tray and transfer into the 150 °C pre-heated oven and bake till light brown and crisp.

Tip : Rusk can be crushed into powder (using electric blender)  this powder is known as breadcrumbs, used to make cutlets.