Saturday, 30 April 2016

Dates Choco Bar

Scorching summer! Morning temperature itself is about 40°C. Ice creams are the most preferred choice of dessert in the summer. It’s the only way to beat the heat. This rich creamy Dates Choco bar will not disappoint your taste buds.

Ingredient’s   :   10 to 12 Dates       ;        2 cup of heavy cream        ;         150 gms of chocolate (60 % coco)      ;       1 tbsp of coconut oil

Procedure : Remove the seeds from dates and soak it in the water for 2 hours and then grind the dates  in to fine paste. On the thick bottom bowl, heat the heavy cream. Add the dates paste into the cream and stir well. Once, the cream date’s mixture started boiling remove from the heat and allows it to cool.  

Once the mixture it cooled to room temperature, pour it in an ice cream molds and keep it in the freezer for 5 to 6 hours.

Melt the chocolate in double boiler or in microwave then add coconut oil and mix well and then pour it in the wide mouthed mason jar. So that, it will be easy to dip the ice cream Popsicle into the melted chocolate. 

Once, the melted chocolate cooled just above to room temperature, Un-mold the ice cream Popsicle from the mold and dips it in the melted chocolate in one fast motion. Lay the Popsicle on parchment paper. The chocolate will harden almost immediately. Transfer the choco bars into freeze for an hour.