Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mixed Chocolate Platter

Mixed Chocolate Platter would be an ideal choice to celebrate this festive season. Last year celebration was with mixed Cookies this year is with chocolates !  

The tray filled with three different kinds of chocolate , one for Vegans, one for True Chocolate lovers like me and the third one for kids.

First one, Chocolate truffles for the Vegans, strawberry filling covered with dark chocolate that melts in the mouth releasing the strawberry lava.  Second one for pure chocolate lovers that made with 100% coco powder perfect with coffee or as a dessert. The third one for kids, with 40% chocolate with five Swiss franc coin(s) impression embossed.

Ingredient for vegan strawberry truffles:  150 gms of  <60% Tempered dark chocolate       ;   10 strawberries        ;       1/8 cup of cashew paste (soaked and grinded)          ;        1 tsp of lemon juice      ;       1 tbsp of coconut oil       ;        3 tbsp of sugar    
In mixer, blend cashew paste, strawberry, sugar, coconut oil & lemon juice. In chocolate mold spread the tempered chocolate and keep it in the fridge to set well. Remove the mold from fridge and fill it with strawberry filling and transfer to fridge to set. Finally, cover the filling with tempered chocolate and once again to the fridge to set.

Now the healthy homemade chocolate……..

Ingredient –    ¼ cup of virgin coconut oil        ;       ¼ cup of 100% coco powder       ;   1/2 tsp vanilla essence     ;      3 tbsp of honey 

Melt coconut oil and mix well with honey, vanilla essence. Add coco powder and mix well until it becomes smooth consistency in order to pour it in the moulds. Transfer the mould in to fridge to set 

Finally the Chocolate Coins 

Ingredients :  150 gms of  <50% Tempered dark chocolate 150 gms  (to create coin impression, we need a coin, aluminum foil.

Cut the aluminum foils as square, slightly larger than your coin. Place the aluminum foil on the coin and press hard with your finger and make clockwise rotation all around the coin, to get an impression on the foil. Fold the foil all around the coin to get the mould. Remove the coin and pour the tempered chocolate in the foil and transfer to the fridge to set.