Saturday, 5 September 2015

Dry Fruit Cake - Guest Post

This is my second Guest post after the Tofu Chocolate Chip cookies. As usual, I took more time to submit to Usha. Again the reason is the same, wanted a pretty simple, easy, healthy cake recipe. 

From Usha’s site, I learned that she loves baking and have two little boys. So, I thought of do something very special cake for her sons MAHADEV and MAHADHIP. Hope they enjoy this virtual cake!

Also, Usha wanted me to answer, the following…… 


1.Few words about u/some thing special which we don`t know??

I am the chef J(!) behind Madhavi Cyber kitchen. Probable by now, you may know that, I am a big Fan of Dark Chocolate and passion in baking. What you may not know is I can draw (reasonably good) Cartoons too.

2. 3 Food photography tips or  3 useful kitchen tips??

After 1 ½ year of blogging, still I couldnt understand many stuff about photography. So, I go with kitchen tip. Disinfect the sink and its traps once in a week and clean the veggies / fruits in a running water after socking about 10-15 min in a salt and turmeric mix water (to remove the chemicals and toxics)

3. How to improve fans n followers for food blog n food bog face book page??

Well, I really don’t know or in other words not paying much attention on this aspect. But, always wanted to be innovative.

4.How food blog changed ur life? How many recipes your posting in a month approximately and your memorable moments which related to blog??

Being a home maker, after finishing the house chores, I was bored till my hubby and son comes home. (not interested on TV shows) after starting the blog, It keeps myself busy by experimenting new dishes and  my camera, responding to the comments, visiting and learning from co bloggers. Felling relaxed and happy. 

5. Finally,tell me few words abt MLH??
Usha is an author of  Mahaslovelyhome and she got a huge range of recipe index, which covers a wide spectrum of Indian varieties. I am the big fan of her non-veg curries and Gravies.  I tried those several times and it was very well received in my family and friend circle. But, I wanted her to post Brazilian dessert recipes. I am sure, she will.

Now, back to the topic……. Dry Fruit Cake. Since, from the Christmas, I wanted to bake a Cake which is pretty close to Plum cake, without any wine and Plum. I think, this cake is quit close to the Christmas Plum cake both in texture and well as in the taste.

For the Ingredient list and procedure……Over to Mahaslovelyhome.