Sunday, 24 May 2015

Tofu Chocolate Chip cookies – Guest Post for Vidya

In the Food blogging arena Vidya, (Author of Traditionally Modern Food) is quite popular and well known.  Her recipes are even published in a couple of daily’s and magazines and she has also won few contests.

Such an accredited Blogger (We both do not know personally each other and living in different continent.) wants to give space for me. I’m excited and agreed to do a guest post.

Since, she didn’t give me any dead line (She must have regretted for doing so).  I took pretty long to submit the post. That’s because, I want to give her a pure vegetarian recipe as well a quick and simple one, without compromising the taste. 

Since, Egg is an important ingredient in Baking; I took time to experiment a perfect egg less (Protein rich Tofu as an alternative) cookies, up to my satisfaction.  With brown sugar and chocolate chip cookies combination, I am sure toddlers won’t hesitate.
Thanks Vidya for the Opportunity to do my first guest post.

Click here to view the recipe.


  1. That's one supremely delicious, goodlooking and mouthwatering cookie. It's a delight that tofu was used and your earnest detailing shows in the beautifully crisp looking cookies. Very well done.

  2. cookie looks so amazing ..Checking her space now

  3. Thanks for the yummy and healthy cookie guest post:-)

  4. Loved the use of Tofu dear:)...Cookies looks absolutely crispy and adorable!!!

  5. Tofu chocoalte chips cookies looks really yumm.