Friday, 12 December 2014

Almond Praline Truffles

I had been resisting myself, but the Chill breeze stimulates my taste butts for hot coffee with dark chocolate.

But, this time wanted the bitter and sweet combination. Praline Truffles is pretty simple to make, but great to taste.

 Ingredients : ¼ cup of praline powder    ;    150 gms of Tempered chocolate (60 % Coco or above)     ;     1 tbsp of heavy cream     ;      1 tbsp of Chocolate spread (nutella)

 You may refer the praline making procedure from here.  Check here for Chocolate tampering procedure.

In the food processor, add praline powder, heavy cream, nutella to make a praline paste.  In a silicon/plastic mold using small spoon pour the tempered chocolate into each mold and spread it evenly and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Remove the mould from fridge and fill with ½ tsp of praline mixture and again refrigerate for about 30 min and close the molds with tempered chocolate.

Once again refrigerate for an hour.  Serve it with coffee or serve them at the end of dinner.

The hard bitter dark chocolate crust melts in the mouth and release the sweet praline…… Imm……Divine. 


  1. wow , perfect truffle fpr the festive season................

  2. So beautifully done Madhavi. Looks like u ve opened a commercially available chocolate box from the store. Very very good.

  3. Droolicious!!!! Wonderful truffle

  4. Those look absolutely delicious Madhavi love those shapes too.

  5. Another round of lovely truffles. Perfect treat for the coming festive season.

  6. Delicious truffle. It looks great for christmas party. :)

  7. Wonderfully made... perfect for chocolate lovers. :)

    Ongoing event:

  8. Almond truffles are just looking delicious :)...