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Mother’s Day Special : Caramel filled Chocolate

In Mid 80’s Nutrine, Éclairs and Five Star chocolates are quite popular in India.  In fact, all these are called in a common name Chocolate.

But, Nutrine is a candy, to be precise Caramel Candy. Éclairs and Five star are Caramel filled Milk chocolates. 

I still remember, Nutrine is the choice for the schools to offer during independence and Republic days. Because it’s only 10 Paisa. Éclairs are tagged at 25 Paisa and Five star was wrapped in a Golden (premium ??) colored paper, bar shaped, sold at Rs.3 (300 paisa)

Most of (my class) the students, distribute Nutrine in the class during their Birthdays; the Close friends circle of the Birthday girl gets Éclairs! Intimate friend may get a Five star!! To express this in mathematical equation, Nutrine < Éclairs < Five Star   =   Friends < Close friends < Best friends

But, I had a privilege to taste Real Chocolates in my childhood. (Thanks to my aunts, who are living in France) I always had a question in my mind why these Nutrine, Éclairs and Five Star are taste (so much) different than those “Imported” chocolates. But, 80’s there is no internet to answer my queries. 

In 2000, my husband used to visit Europe frequently and treated me with a Variety of Chocolates on his return. I started to read, experiment about chocolates.

As I already mentioned in my earlier post, Chocolate are made in two different ways, expensive and inexpensive. What is the difference?:

If Large percent (60 and above) of coco solids, and 100% coco butter are used to make a chocolate then it’s called Real Chocolate. Both coco solids and Coco butter are made from crushed cocoa bean. These Chocolates can offer extraordinary rich, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth (at body temp) it often known as dark chocolate.  

Less percent (below 30) of coco solids, vegetable fats / Oils, and sweeteners (in place of coco butter) also used to make Chocolates. But, these are not real. Having waxy texture and over sweet, also doesn’t melt in the mouth. It often known as Compound chocolate.  

Now, you know why I’m mad at dark Chocolate.

Oh….If I start taking about chocolates, it never ends. But, I confidently say, this preparation (Premier version of Five star) will Challenge the EXPENSIVE and PREMIUM BRANDS in all aspects like texture, taste etc.  But made at your sweet home!

150 gms of Tempered chocolate (I used 60% coco)  ;    1/ 4 cup of Heavy cream    ;   10 no's of caramel candies

Heat a Heavy cream in a bowl, then add caramel candy stir until toffee is fully dissolved in the cream and keep aside allow it cool.

Chop the chocolate into small pieces. (Smaller the pieces, the quicker the chocolates melt and temper). 

Set aside small amount of the chocolate and  Add the remaining   (large) amount of chopped chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on half-power and stir the mixture every minute until it is almost completely melted (be careful while stirring) may take about  five minutes.  (Usually, I use double boiler. But, now I am using microwave because, it’s very easy)

Remove the bowl (of chocolate) from the microwave, and add the left over chocolate and stir to slowly till fully melted it will be glossy and shine. Allow it to cool slightly. 

Scope the chocolate (little) and pour it into mold and coat as a thin layer with spoon. Make sure you coat well the side walls and bottom of each compartment and gently tap the mold to remove air bubbles, if any. Keep the molds in the refrigerator about 30 min.

Remove the chocolate coated molds from the refrigerator and scope the caramel and fill about 90% of the mold and keep the molds in the refrigerator about 30 min. 

Again, remove the chocolate coated, caramel filled  molds from the refrigerator and cover the caramel filling by chocolate and scrape excess chocolate from the mold by running the long edge of your offset spatula along the surface of your mold. Refrigerate again for 30 min.

I dedicate these Chocolates to Not only to my Mother, All the mothers of the Beautiful Blue Planet.

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