Saturday, 21 May 2016

Walnut Caramel Ice Cream

Most of the so called ice cream manufactures are selling Frozen Dessert under the Ice cream label. Yes, it’s a Chilling Truth!  

According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, (even FDA also claims almost the same definition) the definition of an ice cream means that the product is obtained by freezing a pasteurized mix, prepared from milk and /or other products derived from milk with or without the addition of nutritive sweetening agents, fruit and fruit products, eggs, etc. 

You name any brand, and read the ingredients label. You will find these chemicals in it for sure.      // Water, sugar, milk solids, edible vegetable oil, liquid glucose, vegetable protein, emulsifier - 471, stabilizers - 410, 412, 407 Acidity regulator - 330. Contains permitted synthetic food colors and added flavors. Nature identical and artificial milk and strawberry flavoring substances//

Why they need to use so much of so called edible chemicals? Just to keep the price low and for creamy texture.  One liter of heavy or whipped cream and two litters of “ice cream” are priced almost at the same price. How is that possible?  Two litters of  frozen dessert (labeled as “ice cream”) contains a less than 100 ml of heavy or whipped cream as milk solids rest is vegetable oil and edible chemicals.

Here, I am posting a REAL Ice Cream as per the standards. Since, we are not using any edible chemicals and stabilizers; it cannot be served or consumed directly from freezer. It needs to be kept out (at room temperature) for about ten minutes before you serve to get the same creamy texture of Frozen Dessert.

Ingredient  :   1 ½  cup of heavy cream      ;      1 /2 cup of full fat milk      ;     1/2 cup of dark brown sugar       ;        60 gms of butter       ;    2 tbsp of cream    ;     a pinch of salt     ;     1/2 cup of  chopped walnut        ;      1 tsp of vanilla essence  

First let’s caramelize the brown sugar.  Heat the brown sugar and butter in a heavy pan over medium heat, stirring with a spoon once sugar starts to dissolve, Add 2 tbsp of cream and stir further until the sugar completely dissolved. (if require add few tbsp of cream) Remove the pan from the heat and add chopped walnuts, salt and vanilla Transfer to a bowl and stir in salt and vanilla. Cool the caramel mixture in to room temperature.

In a separate bowl the boil the cream and milk and pour it into caramel mixture and whisk to combine. Transfer it to frozen canister and spin until it become thick and creamy consistency. (You may use hand mixer as well) 

Transfer the frozen canister (with closed lid) into the freezer.