Saturday, 6 February 2016

Boston Cream Cake


Boston cream cake is a kind of dessert. Though it’s widely called as Boston cream pie, it’s a basically a Cake with pastry cream filling and frosted with chocolate. Since, the cake enriched with luxurious pastry cream and topped with chocolate glaze, it has to be served chill as dessert.

The preparation also goes into three stages. first to bake the cake and prepare the pastry cream for filling and finally the chocolate glaze. I know it’s a bit long procedure but, its worthy dessert cake. Especially in winter, Boston cream cake is an ideal dessert to treat yourself and your family.

Ingredient for cake :     4 eggs    ;      1 cup of sugar       ;       1 cup of all purpose flour      ;        1 tsp of baking powder          ;         1 ½ tbsp of hot water         ;       1 ½ tsp of vanilla essence

Separate the egg yolks and kept aside. In large bowl add the egg whites and add 2 tbsp of sugar and keep beating with your hand mixer at medium speed until the sugar dissolved and the mixture becomes stiff. 

Add the egg yolks and vanilla essence and continue to beat further, add little water time to time, until the mixture becomes frothy and double in volume. 

 In a separate bowl mix all the dry ingredients (sugar, all purpose flour and baking powder) and add into the egg mixture. Gently fold, to get a uniform cake batter. (Don’t over mix)

Transfer the batter into a grease pan and bake at 180°C pre heated oven for about 30 -40 min or until it done. Allow to cool completely. Meanwhile, let’s prepare the Pastry cream.

Ingredient for pastry cream :    3 egg yolks       ;       1 ½ cup double cream or full fat  milk       ;        1 ½ cup of heavy cream        ;           1/2 cup of sugar         ;         3 tbsp of corn flour       ;      1 tsp of vanilla essence

In bowl beat the yolk along with sugar, vanilla essence and corn flour keep aside. In a thick bottom bowl, add cream and milk bring it to boil. Remove the bowl from the flame and slowly, little by little add the egg mixture into the hot cream at the same time run your hand mixture at low speed. This will avoid egg being scrambled. Once, the mixture blended well and become thick consistency. 

Keep the bowl in ice bath to cool the pastry cream.

Ingredient for Chocolate glaze :   120 gms of dark chocolate         ;   1/3 cup coconut oil      ;        2 tsp of corn syrup

In a microwave, melt the chocolate. When melted add the coconut oil and corn syrup and mix well to form smooth texture. 

Cake Arrangement : Cut the cake into two equal layers and apply the pastry cream lavishly one after another and keep it in the fridge to set. Finally apply the chocolate glaze on top and keep in the fridge and serve once it cool. (Here, I just tried a pattern with white chocolate)