Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cardamom Fig cookies

Last week, I found the fresh stock of Iranian dried figs on the dry fruit counter and grabbed a pack. I like to chew the fig with coffee, if there is no chocolates around.

Fig is not only a very high calories (from carbohydrates) fruit. Also, it is enriched with dietary fiber, Vit K and B vitamins. But, my son doesn’t eat because of its smell (by the way, I don't feel any) and its bit hard flesh (as it dried). In order to make him to eat, I need to add the fig into his favorite cookies so that he eats without knowing :-)

Cookies are the most versatile, to try such new experiment. Along with oats and brown sugar, these cookies become “high” calorie cookie, ideal for those who demand high and instant energy.

Ingredient :    ½ cup of dry fig    ;      1 ¼  cup of oats      ;      1/4 cup of all purpose flour    ;          1/2 cup of  light brown sugar       ;     80 gms of butter     ;     ½ sp of baking soda      ;         1egg         ;      3 to 5 Cardamom     ;      pinch of salt 

Procedure :  In mixer grind the dry figs and cardamom together into a paste form  and keep aside. Mix all the dry ingredient, oats, flour, baking soda, salt and keep aside.

In separate bowl beat soft butter with sugar unit it becomes a creamy. Add egg to the mixture and continue to beat for a minute. Slowly add all the dry mixture into the butter mixture and finally the Fig paste. 

Continue the mixer at medium speed until, all blends together and form the cookie batter. Scoop the batter and place it on the backing sheet, prepared baking tray. Make sure the cookies are placed 2 inch apart from each other.

Transfer the baking tray into 180°c per-heated oven and bake for about 25 minute.  I am sure; the chewy and strong flavored cardamom cookies will don’t disappoint your taste buds and please your olfactory (sense of smell)    

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Stuffed Onion rings

After two consecutive sweet kind, (desert / confectionery) Thought of something spicy and crispy non-continental.  

Cutlets are the most preferred vegetarian starter for the gathering. Usually, cutlets are shallow fried but, I wanted to bake the same cutlet mixture, stuffed in-between the onion rings. I must say, baked onion rings turn out well with good texture and taste.

 Ingredient –   one big size onion {cut into (horizontally) ring shape about 1 inch thickness}        ;        one boiled (med-size) potato       ;        1 cup of finely chopped mix vegetables (carrots, capsicum, cabbage, green peas )         ;        One (small) onion finely chopped        ;     one green chilli      ;         1 tsp of ginger garlic paste        ;        1 tsp of chilli powder       ;       salt to taste        ;        1 tsp of lemon juice       ;       chopped coriander leaves      ;       1 /2 cup milk       ;       all purpose flour for dusting     ;      bread crumbs      ;      1tbsp of coconut oil

In pan pour oil and fry the finely chopped onion till light pink in color then add green chilli, ginger garlic paste, vegetables and stir for while. Add chilli powder, salt, mashed potato and continue to stir in low flame till all blend together. Switch off the flame and squeeze a lemon and sprinkle chopped coriander leaves and keep aside.

Place the onion ring on the greased baking tray and fill the onion ring about 2 tbsp of potato filling. Press firmly the stuffing sits inside the onion ring. Keep the tray into the fridge for about 30 -40 min.

Remove the tray from the fridge and dip the onion ring along with stuffing into the milk and into the all purpose flour and again into the milk and into the bread crumbs. Just make sure the flour and bread crumbs coats well and uniformly. 

Transfer the baking tray into 180°c pre heated oven till it becomes brown in colour. Turn the rings and bake again till (other side) it becomes brown.

Remove from the oven and brush with melted butter both side and sever hot.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Vegan chocolate macarons


My first macaron post was in 2014. After I didn’t post any because, it’s quite labor intensive and need a good skill to get a right consistency. Otherwise it will be like a cookie.  (My first Vegan sweet recipe is here)

As I mentioned earlier post, two light, fragile, crispy cookies are stacked together with sweet filling like, jam, chocolate or cream.

The major ingredient for macarons is Egg white. But, here the egg white is replaced with chickpeas water. After seeing this vegan at Aileen post,  I could not resist myself and wanted to try and it turns out pretty good, light, fragile, chewy (not crispy) macarons.  (My first Vegan sweet recipe is here)

Ingredients     :    2 cups chickpeas water (soaked overnight, pressure cooked it with water and drain the water )           ;              1/2 cup of light brown sugar          ;         1 cup of almond flour                  ;                   1/2 cup of powdered sugar                ;            1/4 cup of coco powder             ;           1 tsp of vanilla essence.
Filling   :    100gms of melted chocolate       ;        1 tsp of coconut oil         ;        2 to 3 tbsp of coconut milk
Decoration :  melted white chocolate & chocolate.

In a small saucepan, bring chickpea liquid to a boil.  Simmer the burner and wait to reduce chickpea water to about 1/3 cup.

Meanwhile, combine the almond flour, powdered sugar, and cocoa powder well and transfer the mix into sift. Crush the large chunks if any and sift. Divide the flour mix into three equal parts.

Once your chickpea liquid has reduced, pour it into your stand mixer bowl and whisk at medium speed for about 2 minutes or until to get frothy and foamy. Add brown sugar and beat at high speed for 5 minutes or until the mixture should look like a meringue with stiff, glossy peaks.  

Add vanilla and beat further for 1 more minute. When your meringue is done, add one part of flour mix and fold well and repeat for other two parts. If batter id dry add a teaspoon or two of vanilla into the batter. 

Make sure to get shiny, thick, firm batter consistency. Transfer the batter into the piping bag that attached with half inch hole. Hold the hold the bag upright at a 90 degree angle, and make your own shape or circle shaped macarons on a cookie sheet spread baking tray. Smack the cookie sheets gently few times to release any air bubbles, if any.

Allow the macrons to dry for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Preheat the oven to 120°c and bake the macarons for about 30 minutes and turn of the oven and allow the macarons to sit in the oven for further 15 minutes and allow cool at outside.

Meanwhile, let’s do the filling mix melted chocolate with coconut oil and coconut milk and using  tablespoon, spread chocolate cream on the on the macron and grab another macarons and sandwich them together.