Saturday, 10 October 2015

Coconut Milk Dinner Rolls / Pav - (Eggless)

My earlier dinner roll or Pav post was received well but, few quires about egg less pav. Even some tried with egg substitutes but, the pav turned bit hard. So, here is the perfect Pav baked/made without egg.
 Since, we had talked enough about pav in the previous post, let’s go directly in to the ingredients list……  

Ingredient  :  1 ½ cup of all purpose flour     ;     1 ½ cup of whole wheat flour     ;  1 ¼ cup of  Luke warm coconut milk (homemade)       ;     2 ¼ tsp of instant yeast ;      2 tbsp. of sugar      ;         1 tsp of salt       ;         3 tbsp. of soft butter

In a bowl, add coconut milk and put on low heat, until it Luke warm. Add sugar, yeast, salt, butter and stir well and keep it aside for 5 minutes.  

Add the Wheat flour and all purpose flour into the coconut milk mixture and knead either by hand or kitchen aid, until its soft, smooth, elastic dough formed.

Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl and cover with damp cloth for 45 minutes or until it’s become double in volume. 

Gently deflate the dough by hand and make the dough into 12 equal size balls and place them on lightly oil the baking tray and again cover with damp cloth for a second rise for about an hour.

Transfer the baking tray into the preheated oven at 180º C for about 45 minutes.

Once the Pav become golden brown, remove it from the oven and brush with melted butter and allow it to cool.