Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dates Carmel Chocolate bar

My taste buds demand to taste chocolate. Also, I afraid (!) may lose the chocolate tempering skill. :-)  Its time to listen to my taste buds. I also left with some dates, sitting on the storage rack for long and wanted to use in the chocolate bar. 

Dates and chocolate alone may not go very well. But, dates coated with caramel will do the job perfect. The chocolate and caramel will melt (in the mouth) faster and at the end chewing the caramel coated dates and cashews…..Imm……along with black coffee, yes…..yes, you guessed it right, its………Divine !

Ingredient   :   8 nos of dates (pitted)         ;        1 ½ tbsp. of finely chopped roasted cashews       ;         1 tbsp. of butter       ;        1 tbsp of sugar              100 gms tempered chocolate (60 % coco)        ;        2tbsp of heavy cream         ;       1/4 tsp of corn syrup 

Soak dates in a 1 tbsp of water and grind into fine paste. In thick bottom pan add sugar and heat up until the color change to amber, and then add corn syrup, butter, dates paste, and heavy cream.  Allow to boil till it become thick caramel consistency.

Remove the pan from heat, add chopped cashew and keep aside. 

In chocolate mold spread the tempered chocolate (up to ¼) and keep it in the fridge for some time to set. Remove the mold from fridge and spread the caramel (up to ½ in the mold) again into the fridge to set. Finally, fill the remaining (1/4 of the mold) with tempered chocolate and allow to set in the fridge.

P.S : I could have given little more time to set the chocolate well. Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself.    :-)