Saturday, 2 May 2015

Illusion Chocolate Cup Cake

One of my friend ask me to make an illusion cake but, in cup cakes form for her daughter’s birthday party. (Not for cutting, just to keep around the birthday cake)

Since, the kids are around 4 -5 years group, they may not like / eat big portion of butter icing cakes but, like to have cupcakes and M&M and Skittles candies. Just for a twist, I thought of candies falling (illusion) on the cupcakes.

I am pleased to see the big smile and hear the Wow’s, from kids. What more I need……

Ingredients for cup  cake :  1 cup of All purpose flou­­­r       ;   2 Eggs    ;      ¾ cup of Powdered  Sugar      ;    1 tsp of baking powder    ;     1 tsp of Vanilla essence   ;     100 gms of Butter   ;   1/4 cup of Coco Powder     ;    ¼ Cup of  Skimmed milk

Ingredients for Garnishing   :   1/2 cup of heavy cream    ;      1/2 cup of semi sweet chocolate 

Ingredients for Illusion  :   Melted chocolate  (to coat on the barbeque stick to  stick the candies)   ;  M&M  and Skittles packet  ; barbeque sticks 

Procedure for Cup Cake :  Add All purpose flour, coco powder & baking powder  mix well and keep aside. Beat butter with sugar and then add eggs, vanilla essence and beat well. 

Add the egg mixture slowly to the dry ingredients, simultaneously mix well and add milk and combine well to the batter consistency. 

Pour the batter into the (cup cake shaped) liners (fill only halfway to avoid spilling over the sides) and Bake in 180°C pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until it done.  Allow to cool completely before Garnishing.

Garnishing Procedure :  Heat the cream in a pan, once it become hot, Add the semi-sweet chocolate and whisk till chocolate melts and the mixture become smooth. Allow it to cool to the room temperature and Coat lavishly on the top of the cup cake. 

Illusion: When the melted chocolate is hot, coat the chocolate on the barbeque stick and stick the M&M and skittles, leaving 5cm from bottom. Once it dry and stick well, insert into the garnished cup cake. As a final touch insert the empty pouches of M&M and skittles as shown. 


  1. brilliant presentation... just too good:)

  2. Great work............inviting!

  3. Awesome presentation my dear. It looks delicious :)

  4. Beautiful presentation Madhavi! Siddharth will luv to grab those cute M&M cup cakes!

  5. Interesting relly.nice yummy cupcakes.

  6. Well presented and yummy dear:)