Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fruity – Tofu Popsicle

Whenever I think of Popsicle, it brings a sort of nostalgic feeling. During the lunch break, we rush to the school gate, where Popsicle (Kuchi ice) were sold in a small ice box mounted on a wheel called Ice vandi


Everyone would gather around the Ice vandi and making their choice of colour (flavors). There is not much choice; Orange, grape and mango costing 15 paisa each. Milk ice (pal ice) and vermicelli Ice (semiya ice) popsicles were sold at 25 paisa each, if I am not wrong. In fact, there was a good relationship build between us and the ice vendor. 

During the secondary, the Popsicle era started demising and same colored/ flavored water  is filled in a long transparent plastic sheet, called pepsi ice.

Why I am writing all these here? Because, today the expensive brands offers huge choice and taste much better than those Popsicles but, the feel is missing. Big brands can’t match the feel of those artificially flavored and colored popsicles. After all, food is all about the feel. Not just a taste alone. 

Okay back to Fruity – Tofu popsicles, I go with all natural flavors and colors to fight this summer. 

Ingredients :   ½ cup of lemon juices with sugar    ;         ½ cup of orange juice with sugar      ;       ½  cup + 2 tbsp of pureed soft tofu           ;        1/2 cup of pureed raspberry with added sugar        ;    2tbsp of cream

In a mixer add 1/8 cup of tofu and lemon juice, blend it well keep separately. Similarly, blend the orange with Tofu and Raspberry with Tofu. At last, mix 2 tbsp of tofu with cream and 1 tsp of sugar keep it in the fridge for about 1 hour. 

In molds first pour lemon juice mixture and keep it the freezer for 45 min. then pour the orange juice mixture (on top of lemon juice mixture) again keep it in the freezer for 45 min and then pour the raspberry mixture keep it the freezer another 45 min. At last pour the tofu cream mixture and keep it the freezer for about 10 hrs.

I dedicate this colorful Popsicle to all my classmates of elementary, primary and the ice vendor.


  1. Excellent, Popsicle looks really mouth watering.... and really felt nice reading the memories that U have shared...

  2. That is one awesome popsicle... you brought back all the old school day memories... we all line up to get one of those yummy kuchi ice! Luv the sri devi ice potti!

  3. Hey hopped on via Mullais site.. And see where I landed upon.. lovely popsicle. I second mullai's comment. kuchi ice and that javvu mittai.. man I can't forget those. :-) Popsicle with tofu is great.

  4. Popsicles r eye candy. ...u made me too nostalgic with this post. ....

  5. Nostalgic. Memories:-) yum yum kuchi mittai

  6. Ineterstng.adding tofu is quite new to me.

  7. something new and interesting.. Looks gorgeous dear!

  8. beautiful post dear.. loved this Popsicle totally:)

  9. Again tofu is a great addition:)...Gorgeous looking popsicles!!