Saturday, 6 December 2014

Cracked Wheat & Bran Bread

I was attracted by the Title of bread, while browsing (it’s one of my favorite too) and bookmarked it immediately.

Baking healthy, serving oven fresh bread to my family gives me a pleasure and satisfying feel.

The outcome of cracked wheat and bran bread is just amazing. I am happy to share here.

Cracked wheat produced from whole raw wheat kernels, which are crushed into smaller pieces. Initially, I was confused cracked wheat with Bulgur. Though, the bulgur also made from cracking wheat kernels. But, the wheat kernels are steamed and toasted before cracking. 

When the wheat processed for flour, the outer layer removed. (it is packed with nutrition) This outer layer is known as wheat bran.

Ingredients :  1 ¼ cups of boiling water       ;      ¼ cup +2 tbsp of cracked wheat   ;    1/4 cup of wheat bran       ;        1/4 cup of brown sugar       ;       1 tbsp of oil       ;   3/4 tsp of salt      ;        2 tsp of instant yeast       ;      1/2 cup of whole wheat flour    ;   2  1/3 cup of bread flour.

Procedure :     In the kitchen aid bowl, Add boiling water, cracked wheat, bran, oil, salt, and mix well and cover the bowl for about 15 minutes.

Add the whole wheat flour to the mixture and mix until fully incorporated. Add the yeast and 1 cup of the bread flour. Mix well.

Place the bowl into the kitchen aid and attach the dough hook. Run the mixer in med-speed and slowly add the rest of the flour till it combine well and forms slightly sticky dough.
Remove the bowl from mixer and knead further for about 15 minutes.

Apply oil on the dough and cover the bowl with damp cloth to rise for about 90 minutes or until double in size. Gently deflate the dough and roll into a loaf and place loaf pan and cover with damp cloth for about 60 minutes. 

Transfer the loaf pan into a pre-heated oven and bake at 180°C for about 40 min ot till it done well. (Tent the loaf with aluminum foil if it begins to brown too much)

Transfer the Bread loaf to the wire rack and allow it to cool.


  1. What a lovely pic... Perfect bread it dear

  2. I 100% agreed that its indeed amazing. What a nicely baked version.

  3. This bread looks delicious. I love the pics. I am so tempted to make it. :)

  4. Perfect wheat bread, beautifully beaked!

  5. Cant make bread healthier than this. Love to try this bread at home soon and let u know.

  6. Awesome & healthy made it so perfectly.

  7. I have never baked bread before. It looks soft and delicious. I will give it a try soon. :)

  8. hi...
    i dont have wheat bran...Shall i skip it?
    Thanks in advance

  9. Yes, You can skip the wheat bran. Just add a one tsb of all purpose flour.