Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Chocolate Swirl Cake

I know, I am good at making Cakes.  but, definitely not good in (icing) decorations. After making the swimming pool theme cake, I got little confidence and good encouragement from my family and the co-bloggers.

So, decided to do one more experiment with Icing. I am glad, I am much better then beginning of this year and one day will do the perfect one.
 As usual bake a basic sponge cake and you may refer the recipe from my earlier post Swimming Pool Theme Cake.  Bake the cake in a circular shape.

Ingredients for Chocolate Ganache :  1 cup of cream    ;  110 gms of dark chocolate (75 % coco) chopped.

 Procedure : Heat the cream in a pan once it become hot (Do not Boil) pour the chopped chocolate and whisk till chocolate melts and become smooth. Allow it to cool to the room temperature.

Meanwhile, Cut the cake into two halves and coat / spread the Chocolate Ganache (CG)in one half and place the another half and again coat the top layer of the cake with CG. Transfer to refrigerator for about an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the Chocolate Butter Cream for Swirl Frosting

Ingredients for Chocolate Butter Cream :  170 gms of melted dark chocolate (70 % coco)   ;            240 gms of soft butter      ;         1 cup of icing sugar       ;           1/4 cup cream       ;       1 tsp of vanilla essence        ;     A pinch of salt

Beat the soft butter with sugar, salt and vanilla essence till sugar well combined with butter. Add the melted chocolate and blend well. Finally add the cream and mix well.

Now the time for artistic work.  I mean the swirl work on the sides and top of the cake to decorate.

Fill the Chocolate Butter Cream on the piping bag with Open star nozzle attached. Twist the end of the piping bag to seal the frosting and gently squeeze the cream at the centre and make a circle around it.

You may try couple of test squeeze in a plate to gain confidence / practice.

As a final touch, White chocolate leaf on top (seen before in Fata feet Channel).  This is done by melting the white chocolate and spreading as a very thin layer on the wax paper by using the Fork and knife, shape as a leaf. 


  1. Icing looks really impressive..May be i should learn at least a bit of it now :)

  2. Really appreciable artistic work this is.. It looks perfect..

  3. Cakes looks very yummy and icing looks very perfect!

  4. Perfect and the cake carries such a rich choclaty look dear

  5. beautiful!!! I got to learn alot from u:)..beautiful work!!

  6. Lovely made it perfectly.

  7. Looks incredible. Loved the chocolate swirl cake immensely. You are a very talented baker Madhavi

  8. Have had this cake. amazing it was. The icing was out of the world. Thanks Madhavi.