Thursday, 11 September 2014

Baked Mutton Biryani


I belong to rice eating (southern) part of India. Naturally, most of my friends and relatives also prefer to eat rice rather than (wheat) bread. 

In fact, my favorite food was rice till my marriage. So, my friends and relatives kept asking to share/post a rice based recipe. At the same time, I wanted to be in the baking arena. 

It’s quite a challenging combination, Rice – Baking. For a quite some time, I was thinking to make “diet biryani”. So, why not a Baked Biryani ?

In general, Biryani is known for its richness and aroma. 

Definitely, by baking a large amount of oil or ghee can be reduced. But, I am not sure about the end result. Hence, I want to experiment it with small quantity. 

Since, I’m going to bake; I go with Dum Biryani style. (Usually biryani made differently in different region. But, the key concept is cooking the meat and rice along with various spices, even dry fruits) 

Before, going to ingredient’s and procedure, lets analyze the possible  complications……..will the meat (I specifically chose mutton, because, if it cooked well, chicken and fish are not at all an issue) cook well ? Will the spices emit its aroma and taste without sauté ?

To overcome the complications, I need to marinate the meat well and need to bake a large bottom pan / baking tray so that the heat can penetrate and spread evenly, better chance to cook the meat.
About the spices…..I do not have any idea. Need to check after baking.

Ingredients list :   1 cup of Basmati rice   ;   250gms of Mutton ( chopped and fat removed)   ;  1tsp of  Ginger garlic paste  ;   1 large brown onion  (fried in microwave  with 1 tsp olive oil)  ;    1tsp of chili powder  ;  5no’s  Green chilly   ;   ¼ cup of  Curd     ;   2tsp  of  Coriander powder     ;    Salt to taste    ;   2 tsp of Mint leaves  ;   2 tsp  of Ghee (clarified butter)      ;  2 tbsp of  Lime juice (fresh)
Spices:  1 no Bay leave    ;   1 stick of Cinnamon     ;    5 no’s of Pepper corns  ;   3 no’s of  Star anise   ;    3 cloves of  Green Cardamoms    ;    ½ tsp of Caraway seeds    
Mix all the ingredients (except rice) and spices with mutton and marinate about four hours at room temperature.

Cook the rice till three fourth is done. (Important)

Grease the 8" cake pan with Ghee and spread the mutton mixture on top of it spread the rice evenly and wrap it with two aluminum foil.Transfer the pan into 160°C pre-heated oven.

After 15 min of transferring the pan to oven, my kitchen was filled with Aroma of spices, meat and basmati rice. It was good indication. But, I kept my finger crossed for the tender and juiciness of mutton.

After 40 min, I removed the pan from Oven and found the meat was done well. Mixed the rice and meat with wooden spoon and served hot.

It was divine. The perfect Biryani in all means, just a 2 tsp of Ghee ! (In general biryani recipe, the meet is almost cooked with oil and fats)

I hope, I meet the needs for Rice lovers and Requirements of diet conscious minds like my husband.

To my Veggie friend, as usual, you can try this with Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese), Mushrooms, Soy Nuggets or Mix Vegetables.


  1. Wow Madhavi, super recipe! I got to try this, looks very tempting!

  2. Super delicious biriyani...................lovely presentation.

  3. Great idea and turned out fabulous. Btw, I a die hard fan of rice and in return, love biryani like crazy.

  4. Interesting.........and quite easy procedure. Bookmarked. Keep posting more Rice recipes

  5. This biryani seems so tasty. Drooling Madhavi. Next time when you make it invite me too :-)

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