Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dates Cake

You know, my first home made cake was Dates Cake!  A decade ago when I started experimenting, my first successful cake was Dates Cake. Hence, I am emotionally and sentimentally attached to it.

Dates are very unique fruit. Dates trees (Palm trees) belong to the oldest cultivation. Hence, has got a very long history.  Dates are the staple food in Middle East. Since, I live in ME, I had got an opportunity to visit Farms where, Dates are cultivated, harvested and processed. 

Here, the fresh dates (while harvest) are available in two different colours, one in yellow another is red (here, I used the yellow one) once, it fully ripped / dried / aged all look same. 

Dates provide a wide range of essential nutrients, minerals. Also, very high sugar content. 

Dates are harvest every year during summer. This cake made with Farm Fresh Dates.

The Ingredients  :  300 gms of Fresh Dates (semi ripped)    ;     2 nos of Egg    ;    ½ cup Oil   ;   1 cup  of  All purpose flour      ;        ¼ cup  Granulate Sugar    ;    ¼ cup  Light Brown Sugar     ;      ½ cup Walnuts      ;      ½ tsp  Vanilla Essence    ;     ¼ tsp   Baking Powder   ;    ½ tsp  Baking Soda  ;   A pinch of Salt.

Procedure :  Remove the seeds from dates and  chop them finely. Add 6 tbsp of water to the chopped dates and keep on low flame for 5 min. Remove from heat add baking soda and keep it aside for 20 min then mash it well and the walnuts.

Mix the A.P flour, salt and baking powder and keep aside.

Beat egg with sugar till double in volume, add oil and beat for 10 min at low speed. Gradually add flour and dates mixture to the egg and mix well till the mixture blend well. 

Grease the baking pan and pour the mixture. And bake at 180°C in a preheated Oven for about about 40 min.

I prefer the Dates cake with Evening Tea and My Husband with Black Coffee. What about You…..?

Note : If you don't get fresh dates, use the normal (aged / processed) dates.

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