Monday, 18 August 2014

Custard Bread Rolls

I bake this for Home bakers challenge for this month and Mrs. Gayathri the host. Though the original recipe is chocolate Bread Roll, I tried with Custard instead of chocolate. (Also, my son is the fan of Custard)

Ingredient for Bread :  2 Cups of All purpose flour   ;    ½ cup of Corn flour     ;     1/8 cups of Sugar   ;   1 no of Egg  ;   1 tsp of Milk powder     ;      2/3 cup of Water   ;   Pinch  Salt      ;    2 tsp of  Active yeast     ;    30 gms of Butter.

Add luke warm water, sugar, salt, yeast, milk powder and beaten egg in a bowl and mix with hook attachment of your kitchen aid / mixer. Add flour little by little to make a dough. Add butter and start knead the dough till become soft.

Cover the bowl with damp cloth for about 1 hour in a warm place (for fermentation)

After dough proofed deflate the dough on floured surface and cut it into 10 equal pieces.
Roll the dough into oval shape, place the custard filling almost in edge of one side and cut the remaining dough into stripes fold over and tuck underneath. Refer below
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Place the (stuffed breads) on the greased baking tray and cover with damp cloth for about 45 min.

Bake the breads at 180°C in a pre-heated oven, for 25 min or until golden brown color. 

These Custard Bread Rolls are not only perfect for breakfast, also for Evening snack. 

Note : Custard made with Ready-made custard mix. You may try with Jam, Cheese, even the Spicy Masala Filling.

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