Thursday, 7 August 2014


During the Eid holidays (last week), my husband asked me to join with him to visit his friend’s home in a quite short notice.  Being a food blogger, (?) I do not want to buy something from bakery or sweet shop. At the same time, want to do something quick, special. 

What else, I can offer other than  CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CANDY

I have left with just 60 min to do this. Hence, the ingredients are: a Cup of Milk chocolate chips  ;  ½ cup  of Peanut butter  ;  3/4 cup Roasted  Peanuts   ;  1 tsp Butter  ;  5 - 6 tbsp of Melted White Chocolate (optional)

Procedure : Melt chocolate chip in a microwave at low power for about 50 sec. (Please bear in mind each model of micro wave power is different all it depends on the Magnatron’s power output) make sure, it should be in semi-solid consistence.

Now add peanut butter and mix slowly till it blends well. 

Add, 1 tsp butter (for a glossy look),  roasted peanuts to the chocolate mixture and keep aside.

Take silicon cupcake moulds spread ½ tsp white chocolate randomly and then pour 2 tbsp of peanut chocolate mixture into it. Make sure. The mixture spread evenly. (tapping the mould may help) and keep it in fridge for about 30 min.

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