Thursday, 14 August 2014


Butterscotch is a very special cake. Because of its richness, Sponginess and Super Delicious taste. I would say it’s the Queen of Cakes. Fresh Cream delivers the richness; Oil is used for the cake base for extra softness and moist. Praline is responsible for the taste.

I am a fan of Butterscotch cake. But, I don’t make it very often because, I couldn’t resist. Since, this cake is very rich and has high caloric and sugar content so, I reserve this only on special occasions. Yes, I want to treat myself with BUTTERSCOTCH CAKE on my B’day.

Every Indian celebrates Aug 15 as an Independence Day. But, for me Aug 15 is a double delight, because, its my B’day and my nation’s Independence day!! So, definitely, BUTTERSCOTCH CAKE was my choice. 

Making of Butterscotch, can be split into three parts, 1) Making a basic Sponge Cake, which is a base. 2) Preparing the Fresh Cream, to cover the base 3) Making Praline to cove the Cream, to enhance the cake. 

In my version of Butterscotch, I am not going to use neither a Butter nor Scotch. 

Ingredients for  Sponge cake :  4 no’s of  Eggs  ;     1 ¼ cup of Granulated  sugar     ;  1 ½ cups of All Purpose Flour    ;    2 tsp of Baking powder    ;    1tsp Vanilla Essence    ; ¾ cup of Oil   ;   a Pinch of Salt.

Ingredients for  Whipped cream:  2 cups of  Fresh Cream  ;   3 tbsp of  powdered   light Brown sugar   ;   1/4 tsp  Corn flour.

Ingredients for Praline:  1 cup of Granulated sugar  ;  1 cup of Peanut & Almond mix

Procedure of Sponge cake: Mix the all dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder) of cake and keep aside.

With a whisk attachment of your mixer beat egg with sugar well till double in volume.  Add vanilla essence and oil to the mixture and again beat for 10 min in medium speed. Now add the flour mixture little into wet mixture. With the help of wooden spoon combine the mixtures by cut and fold method.  Similarly, add the remaining flour mixture slowly and combine well.

Pour the Mixture, in a well greased pan (I used 22 cm pan) and bake at 180°c for 30 - 40 min ot till done, in a pre-heated oven. Allow it to cool.

Procedure of Whipped cream:  In bowl beat the cream with whisk attachment in high speed till it become soft peak stage and add the brown (powdered) sugar, beat in low speed until become stiff peak. Now, add corn flour to stabilize the cream and beat at low speed for 2 min. keep the cream in fridge for 30 min.

Procedure of Praline: In thick bottom pan add sugar and Almond and Peanut in low flame. Once, the sugar changes to amber in color mix the nuts in order to coat the caramel well. Once sugar changes into light brown color, remove the pan from heat and pour it on grease pan and set for 15 min and cool. Put the praline in a zip lock bag and seal it.  Hammer it till become coarse powder. (You may use mixer too)

Assemble as a Butterscotch cake: Cut the cake into two halves. In one halve spread the cream lavishly and sprinkle the praline powder on top. Place another halve on top of it and spend the cream thoroughly all over the side and top. Sprinkle the praline powder all over the cake. Keep it in the fridge for about 45 min.

Serve it chill. I am sure, Butterscotch cake won’t disappoint your taste buds.

Wishing  Happy Independence Day  to all my fellow country men.


  1. Wow Madhavi..I never knew that you r damn good in baking stuffs. Great go dear

  2. Hi can u give me a substitute for eggs.Im a vegetarian

    1. Pls. check the tips & tricks page for egg substitution. However, can't guarantee the same texture and taste

  3. Which brand of cream did u use?thnks for recipe

    1. ALMARAI

  4. I came to know of your blog from HBG. My compliments - what a beautiful looking cake. Please could you clarify if you use almonds with skin or without ? And do you use whole peanuts & almonds ? Thank you in advance for your reply

    1. Almonds are used with skin only. Both peanuts and almonds are coarsely chopped.