Sunday, 10 August 2014

Avocado Chocolate Cookies


My son remembered me that, I didn’t bake cookies for quite long….I got into action immediately. 

While thinking various options and checking the fridge, I found Avocado! (Actually, I kept it for next day sandwich)  An idea just flashed……….why not cookie with Avocado ? Since, my son is reluctant to consume avocado directly, this may be the best alternative.

 Avocados are considered one of the healthiest fruit because, they possess  high monosaturated fat, a higher percentage of protein than other fruits and more potassium per gram than bananas.

Ingredients:   1/2 cup of  All-Purpose flour    ;     3/4 cup of  Wheat flour    ;   1 tsp baking powder   ;  2/3 cup of coco powder   ;    1/4 cup of  canola oil    ;     1/4 cup of  mashed avocado  ;     1/4 cup of sugar   ;      ½  cup of  light brown sugar     ;   1 tsp of vanilla essence  ;      1/3 cup of  skimmed milk   ;      1/2 cup of semi sweet chocolate chip or chunks ;     a pinch of salt 

Directions:  In a bowl, whisk together All-Purpose flour, Wheat flour , baking and coco powder and  Set aside. 

Using a mixer, beat the oil, avocado and sugars together until creamy and smooth, about 5 minutes and Add in the vanilla essence.

Now add half of the flour mixture and milk and blend. Slowly add the remaining dry ingredients and blend well. Add the chocolate chips and stir.

Place the cookie dough on prepared baking sheet, (using tablespoon) about 2 inches apart. Slightly flatten the cookies.

 Bake cookies for about 25 minutes, on the 180ºC preheat the oven.  or until set around the edges, soft in the center. 

Allow the cookies to cool and store in the airtight container. A perfect combination for evening tea.

Note : These cookies are not crunchy type. They are soft and Chewy. 

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