Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Mega Cookie Project.

Two weeks ago, my husband colleague asked the possibility of baking 2 Kgs of Butter Cookies! Since we are nuclear family, I never used to bake in large quantity and like to bake fresh and often. (Also to keep my blog live).

In general my volume of baking is around 500 – 600g in all aspects. I should also say that, though my Kitchen aid is capable to do up to 2kgs   but, my All in one (Electric) Oven is not big enough to bake 2 kgs for sure.

So, I left with my cooking (range) oven, which is Gas  based.  I never used that because, not confident about the temperature.  As you may aware, Electric oven are very obedient (thanks to the Electronics!) you can control very precisely the temperature. Also, the heat dissipation throughout the Oven will be equal (thanks to the Circulation system!)

For this mega project, My electric oven is not going to work out because, I need to bake  5 – 6  (sessions) times again and again and each session may last up to 40 – 45 min. ( about 5 Hrs !) also, the dough needs to be preserved for long to maintain the consistency.

These all are the challenges……..But, want to take. Everything can be handled, except the Oven. Hence decided to go with gas Oven (no other option left) want to familiarize with Unknown gadget.  Couple of trial and error got a “feel” of it.

Confidently, started the project with extra thinks like gloves, apron and cap, which I never used them before! My husband and son commented that, I look like a professional Chef ???!!! After Few Clicks (to remember) I entered into my First Mega Project.

After 3 hrs………………………I baked exactly 2.160 Kgs of Butter cookies. (1 Kg with Nuts and another with praline)

I quit happy with the texture, all even shape / size and the taste.  This given lot of confident and satisfaction on "Volume".

This Mega Task,would have been not possible without my family support.

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