Sunday, 2 March 2014

Whole Grain Wheat Bread

After a pretty easy Chocolate Fudge, Let’s do some hard work! Here we go …… Whole Grain Wheat Flour Bread.  I got this recipes from here and it turnout very good, thought of sharing the same to you.

 As the name suggest, it’s truly made of Whole Grain Wheat Flour. (WGWF)

What is the difference between WGWF vs Wheat Flour?  Whole grain has the entire kernel of the grain from the bran to the endosperm to the germ. Whereas wheat flour has only the endosperm.

In a nutshell, this bread is Healthy; good source of vitamins and fiber and is lower in fat. Since, it’s “Healthy” bread, instead of refined sugar and oil, I go with honey and Olive oil. Sea salt instead of refined salt.  Needless to mention, it’s my husband favorite (breakfast). 

Before going to the kitchen, Name the Indian bread, which is pretty close to WGWF Bread  (Answer at the end of this post)

It is bit lengthy process takes about 3.5 hrs in total. The Ingredients are: 

3 1/2 cups of Whole Grain Wheat Flour ;  40 ml  of honey ;   40 ml of Olive Oil  ; 1 1/2 Cups of hot water  ;  1 Tbsp. Molasses  ; 1/2 Tbsp. Sea Salt ; 1 Tbsp. of Dry Active Yeast

Okay let’s fold our sleeves and get in to job.

Add Yeast, honey, molasses in Luke warm water, stir and set aside for frothy then add salt, oil and two cups of WGWF into it. Starts mixing well then add 3 to 4 cups of WGWF.

Mix until the consistency is even. Then continue to slowly add WGWF 1/2 Cup at a time until the dough quits sticking to the sides of the bowl.

The trick is to have enough consistency to stand up with the least amount of flour so the bread will be fluffy. In any case do not exceed the specified amount of wheat flour, otherwise the bread will be tough.

Once the dough is ready, Cover the bowl and allow it to rise for about 30-45 minutes. (Again, depends on the atmosphere temperature)

Mix again just enough to knock it down to the original size. Drop the dough on a floured surface to Roll and shape it in your hands to make a nice ball getting enough flour on it so it isn't sticky.

Shape the loaves by turning the dough under its self over and over. And shape to oblong and Drop the loaves in your Pre greased bread pans and let them rise until almost doubled.

Keep the pan in the preheated oven at 350°C for 30 minutes.

When done turn the bread out of the pan to a rack to cool and Slice with shredded knife. Now it’s up to you, toast, sandwich, or just with cup of tea or Juice.

Answer to the Quiz :  Red Atta Tandoor Roti.  It’s pretty close to this bread. Unlike WGWF bread, It can be consumed direct from tandoor / tava with desi ghee / dhai…..Wow !

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  1. Looks like Baked at Bakery. Please keep posting health Recipes like this.