Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Chocolate Ragi Cookies

Ragi, is whole grain, it is higher in protein and minerals in comparison to all other cereals and millets. 

In fact, Ragi was an everyday food in Tamil Nadu, Once upon a time!. Ragi consumed with Rice in the form of Koozh. (கூழ்) What a perfect Combo of Carbs and Protein.

But, slowly all the good food habits are phased out and the High Carbs took the Place. 

I know, it’s not difficult but impossible to ask the younger generations to consume Koozh. (கூழ்) But, want to feed the Ragi in modified and acceptable form. The only way is Chocolate Ragi Cookies. Want the cookies to be very rich and have high nutritional values. Hence, a very lengthy ingredients list.

Okay, the Ingredients  required are :   Dark chocolate  -170 gms (64 %coco)     ;    100 gms of Butter      ;    1/2 cup  of all purpose flour  (AP)   ;      ¾ cup of Ragi flour     ;    2 tbsp  of  Wheat germs    ;  2 tbsp of  Wheat bran    ;    1 - Egg       ;    1 Cup of  Light Brown Sugar    ;    1 tsp   of  Baking Powder     ;    ¼ tsp of  Baking Soda    ;  ½ tsp of  Vanilla essence    ;   salt -  a pinch    ;  ½ cup  Of White chocolate chips    ;    1/4 cup  of  Chocolate chips    ;   1/4 cup  of  chopped Almonds.

First, melt butter and dark chocolate in double boiler and let it cool.

Mix all the dry ingredient AP flour, Ragi, salt, baking powder, baking soda, wheat germ, bran, and keep aside.

Once the chocolate mixture cooled add sugar, and beat with hand mixture then egg till all cooperate together. Now, add the dry ingredients and blend well.

At last, add all chips & nuts .using ice scoop arrange the cookies in baking tray make the cookies round shape by pressing it. 

Transfer the tray to the fridge for about 20 min (to hold its shape) then directly to the pre-heated oven for 180° C till it completely done.