Thursday, 8 May 2014

White Chocolate Popsicle

The scorching summer has set in. thought, it is a bit late this year, but, in full swing. Want to treat myself with something cool at the same time something other than a Drink.  

An ice cream or a Popsicle would be a best choice. My son says it’s a usual one and suggested me to think something different. 

Rewinding my school days memories, Popsicle are my favorite and used to buy very often during lunch break, which sold on the gate of our school.

Popsicle, are also known as freeze pop, ice lolly, ice block, icy pole, ice pop, freezer pop etc.

Popsicle are usually made by freezing flavored liquid around a stick. Once the liquid freezes solid, stick used to hold the ice pop.  But, if Popsicle made without stick known as freezie.

Keeping all in mind, decided to make a fusion. i.e Kind of Ice cream on the Popsicle. Again, as you may know, it’s almost impossible for me to do something without chocolate! But, this time not dark Chocolate……..a twist…White Chocolate.

It’s already very hot…..let’s do it now so that, can enjoy in the noon.

The Ingredients’ are : 100g   White chocolate (melted by Double Boiler)    ;      2 cups of Vanilla custard      ;     1 tsp of Vanilla essence     ;   1 /2   cup  of Whipped cream    ;    1 tsp of Icing sugar

Prepare Vanilla custard (with ready-made powder) about 2 cups and add melted white chocolate to the custard and blend well till both combine.

Let the custard to cool in ice bath. But, skin should not form. Whip the cream with 1 tsp of icing sugar and vanilla essence till stiff peak then fold with custard mixture. Fold gently till cream get together fully with custard.

Pour it in the Popsicle molds and let cool for about 6 hours. 

Those who don’t like in Popsicle style May freeze the mixture in a try and slice it like this…….(freezie)


Feeling Cool now…………..It’s a different feel and taste.  Popsicle is usually hard. Here, it’s soft like Ice cream and pretty tasty too.

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