Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bakers Day Special : Checker Board Cake (6 layers)

I wanted to surprise my Niece, on her birthday with a Six layer Checker board cake. But, for the first time, I am trying six layers. Earlier, I did 2 and 3 layers.

Checker board pattern is basically an arrangement of Vanilla and Chocolate cake. The arrangement is a key aspect of Checker Board Cake.

Since, it’s a Birthday Party, wanted to enhance with Rich Chocolate glaze (she also like chocolates like me) and Heavy Cream icing.

So the making process is, needed to bake 2 cakes (Vanilla and Chocolate) with the height of 3’’ because, later need to cut into 3 layers each so that we get 6 layers Checker board. Then enrich the cake with cream Icing and Chocolate Glaze.

Let’s bake the Vanilla sponge cake : Required Ingredients are 2 1/4 cups All-purpose flour  ;   3 tsp of Baking powder    ;   1 1/3 cups of Granulated sugar    ;  1/2 tsp  of salt     ;    115 gms of Butter    ;    1 cup  of milk  ; 1 tsp of vanilla essence  ; 2  Eggs 

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the dry ingredients. Add butter (cut into small cubes) few cubes at a time and mix until the batter appears grainy with a sand-like texture.

Add the eggs one at time and blend well. Slowly add the milk and the vanilla essence.

Transfer the mixture to a greased 8" (~20 cm) round cake pan and bake at 180°C for 30-35 or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Allow it to cool.

Similarly, bake an 8” (~20 cm) round chocolate cake with the height of 3’’. Pleases refer my chocolate cake recipe.

Now, Stabilized Whipped Cream Icing :   2 ½ cup  - heavy cream   ; 1 tbsp  of  icing sugar  ;  1 tsp   - vanilla essence  ;  2 tsp   - corn starch  

In a saucepan combine the powdered sugar and cornstarch whisk until mixed. Slowly whisk in 1/2 cup heavy cream whisk until smooth. Place on medium heat and stir constantly to prevent scorching at the bottom. Stir constantly until mixture thickens and almost comes to a boil. Remove from heat, transfer to a bowl and set aside stirring occasionally until it reaches room temperature.

For chocolate glaze :  170 gms of semisweet chocolate   ;  1 cup  of  heavy cream

Place chocolate in a bowl. In a saucepan, heat cream over medium-high heat until just simmering, and pour it over the chocolate. Let mixture stand 5 minutes and then stir until smooth. Let stand at room temperature about 10 minutes before using.

Now, we reach an important stage of arrangement in order to get a checker board pattern.

Cut both the 8" (~20 cm)round cakes in to 3 layers and carefully cut into 15cm diameter and further into 7cm  diameter. Refer the below figure for details.
Click on the image to Enlarge

Do not forget to spread the Stabilized Whipped Cream in between the layers before stacking.

Finally, use the chocolate lavishly to glaze the cake and refrigerate for an hour and decorate with dark chocolate shavings. 

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